"I Am a Leaf on the Wind"
Hey I'm Shane and I'm a huge dork. I'm level 23, a super senior, and I currently live in London. ESFP. I get way too attached to fictional characters and I love pizza, beer, and nearly everything nerdy. Lets be friends.


I think my shirt is trying to say something about me.

I think my shirt is trying to say something about me.

Overworld - Koji Kondo / 162 plays

Rules: once you have been tagged you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end tag 20 people. You have to tag the person who tagged you: spintz

What was your:
Last beverage - Water 
Last phone call - I called my girlfriend before I got on the plane to England
Last text message - “I have no idea what I’m doing with my liiiiiiiiiiiife” - Me
Last song you listened to - The new Mastodon album
Last time you cried - July

Have you ever: 
Dated someone twice - hahaha no
Been cheated on -  Yup
Kissed someone and regretted it - oh yeah
Lost someone special - Yuup
Been depressed - Absolutely
Been drunk and threw up - Definitely
3 favourite colors - Olive green, midnight blue, black

In the last year have you: 
Made a new friend- Yes
Fell out of love - Yep
Laughed so hard you cried- Duh
Met someone who changed you - No..?
Found out who your real friends are - No
Found out someone was talking about you - I dont think so? 
Kissed anyone on your Facebook friends list - Nope


How many ppl on your Facebook friends list do you know in real life - Uhhh most of them I guess

Do you have any pets - back home yeah! Big stupid dog and a rabbit I love them

Do you want to change your name - Hell nooo

What did you do on your last birthday - Surprise trip to Santa Cruz!!! God that was a good day
What time did you wake up - 12:45pm
What were you doing at midnight last night - Sitting on my ass 
Name something you can not wait for - Not being sick
Last time you saw your mom - Over a month ago
One thing you wish you could change in your life - Uh, having money would solve all of my problems currently. 
What are you listening to - I started this as soon as Step Brothers ended so currently nothing
Ever talked to someone named tom - Not that I can recall. 

Getting on your nerves right now -Being sick, being broke in an expensive city, and not having sex. 

Most visited webpage - Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube, Netflix
Blood type - I dont know but mosquitoes LOVE ME
Nickname - Shanicus, Boogieman, Mjölnir 
Relationship status - Taken. And Liam Neeson is not coming to save me
Zodiac sign - Cancer
Pronouns - Xiyisdhg, XXu3888, Xuriscurplotszcheckyourprivilege 
Junior school - Newbury Park High represeeeeenntttt
College/uni - SFSU/Regents University London
Hair color - Dirty blonde
Long or short - short
Height - 5’10”
Do you have a crush - Cha’ bruh
What do you like about yourself - I’m funny, easy going, creative, total dork, and stuff
Tattoos - Sadly none yet. 
Right or left - Right
First surgery - Wisdom teeth
First piercing - Ears
First best friend - I think it was this guy named Chris Repich back in 4th grade
First sport - Soccer
First vacation - Aspen, CO
First pair of trainers - How would anybody remember this?

Right now:

Eating - just finished my fish wraps w/ veggies
Drinking - Water
About to - finish this thing and do nothing
Listening to - People slam the front door too loud
Waiting for - the weekend and December because mehitskevin comes to visit!
Want kids - Definitely. Gonna be the worst or the best father ever and there is no inbetween
Get married - Yeah Im down with it. 
Career - Prooooobably something in Human Factors Engineering? Probably? Hopefully?

Which is better?

Lips or eyes? Eyes
Hugs or kisses? Kisses
Shorter or taller? I dont really give a damn 
Older or younger? + or - 3 years seems fine
Romantic or spontaneous? Why not both? *mariachi music*
Nice stomach or arms? stomach
Sensitive or loud? Well I’m both so fuck you. 
Hook up or relationship? Relationship
Trouble maker or hesitant? Trouble maker 

Have you ever:

Kissed a stranger- That means you cant know names right? Then no, hasnt happened
Drank hard liquor - This is a quesion? Of course.
Lost glasses/ contacts - Broken them before though hell yeah
Sex on first date - Sure as long as its consensual we can frickity frack 
Broke someone’s heart - No… wait… yeah. yeah I did. That was a bad one. 
Had your heart broken- Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Been arrested - Thankfully no
Turned someone down - Yup
Cried when someone died - Yeah
Fallen for a friend- Whoops. Yeah

Do you believe in: 
Yourself - I do my best to think I’m hot shit
Miracle - Uh, like Godly ones? No. Does shit happen when it shouldnt and its good? yeah
Love at first sight - No
Heaven - Nah
Santa - Fuck yeah
Kiss on the first date - Yar har
Angels - only in Guillermo Del Toro angels.

I’m gonna tag a shit ton of people because I know none of you have anything better to do: geekyassassin godbait gothamswhore dead-march phannntasia dustinthewnd cuntleesi seramazuu prettygirlswillturnintozombies raaanchl angrytardisnoots 4lber7 jedisunshine chewbaccabookerr 


"We come to honor that allegiance."

That crushing and terrifying feeling of searching for Masters programs and looking for jobs related and having no idea if you’re going to make the right career decision or not.


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neptunesbootyy said: Music changes all the time, pretty much every decade has its own type of music. You may not like this decade’s music but it’s not like they’re going to stay 90’s metal forever.

Oh totally, of course. Every decade has its own trends, styles, and sounds. Its going to be mostly awesome to some and not to others like always. I’m just bummed I’m part of the “not digging it” side because now it feels a lot more challenging to find new bands/music that I like. Theres some positives to that sure, but it’s just really weird to be on the other side of the fence, you know?